Welcome to Unicorn TV  channel !


It is an on-going life-time project to reveals the core of sadness and happiness, meaningful or meaningless, some are serious while some are fun. 
All produced from my brain .
Made with my hands.




Founded by Crys, from the project of a landmark in a " No man's land ", knowing that I will be alone with all my crazy thoughts over there, talking to myself, day in, day out, probably will feel lonely too, maybe I would like to talk with somebody, somebody who will understand me, somebody will stick with my thoughts as much as a TV channel, well, since I have so much small ideas anyways, accordings to the ideology of  consociate, why don't I build a TV station in the No man's land. To entertain and educate for whoever that were abandoned here by gathering my small thoughts and you can see them all in one channel.

    In order to have a well-founded foundation, I started it with a magical question   :

         >>>  "Does unicorn meat exists ? " (click to read)   <<<

Kero Kero Bonito Music Video , 2016

Create a hype and a hashtag #1, Hoodie Milking , 2016

Ketchup Babe for your Ketchup Fetish , 2015

.....Many more is coming , stay tuned folks!