Have you ever consider what kind of mixed race would be interesting ?


Icelandic Hawaiian is offering everyone a feast of delusion to combine both culture and environment of two places.


I am still doing my best to be a match maker of an Icelandic person & a Hawaiian person to make baby a.k.a the perfect human in the race-mixing history.

Capitalism and ecology -

The social relation of capital, as we all know, is a contradictory one. These contradictions, though stemming from capitalism’s internal laws of motion, extend out to phenomena that are usually conceived as external to the system, threatening the integrity of the entire biosphere and everything within it as a result of capital’s relentless expansion.

An Icelandic stone + plastic doll “Ken“


Most definitely a provocative contrast while the stone itself representing Nature and Ken represents human or even further, Capitalism, an example of 60s capitalism success.

I am surprised how everyone recolonizes  Ken immediately.

I was amazed by the nature of Iceland, my senses was sensitive, my spirit and motivations was extremely high, countless Inspirations in a profoundly mindfulness depth, in order to express what does it do to me, I  attempted to visualized it with forms,  furthermore,

to use it in my sculptural developments.


Next to that, I have done experiments with some natural materials such as : black sand from Vik ( black sand beach ), some clay and stones from the Geysir, cave and Vik, with glazing tests.


During the time in Iceland, it was late November to early December, the weather keep changing all the time in a day, I have witnessed snowing, fog, raining and then it turned into sunny but after awhile it could be windy and cloudy again. Temperature was unexpectedly warmer than I imagined, and still it is quite cold, around 0 degree, I must say the desire of warmness and food was huge all the time.

Therefore, food was sticking with my mind in 70% time over there.


I was wondering if we could get inspirations from the nature and to integrate it with dining experience in an organic way.  Out of curiosity, I went to a feast experience in Reykjavik (Downtown), I had a dinner by myself at Grillmarkaðurinn, a Michelin starred restaurant located in the downtown street, which they offer some complete gourmets  experiences for who seek for it including foodies, travellers or both, I was arranged to sit at the front bar which the semi-opened kitchen was right in front of me, and of course there is glass in between my table and the grill kitchen, I could always check what the chefs are busying with in the kitchen while I sat and bored there, the waitress was very friendly and patience to explain the meals in a very detailed way, I ordered a fishes meal, it contains starter, main meal but no dessert was included, however I did observed the other people who had different meals than mine, for example lamb, steak, or even whale meat, I must say that the arrangement of plating brings it to the next level, food might not be in a big portion but they deliver a message of visually tasteful to among all of us, its all placed in the way of airy and tall, very delicate and exquisitely decent, beside that vision, there is something caught my attention, the container / dishes they use, instead of a regular dish they offer a natural black stone or wooden flat board to present a meal, when I had it, I instantly projected a comfortable feeling towards the food, I can touch it, feel the materials and its textures, I would never forget the great satisfaction when I stepped out of the place.



The trip was a very important part for me, I think the relationship between me and the earth; what can I do to contribute; why am I using ceramics as a medium to tell stories.

Japanese (Arita - style) Plate Mold Making Techniques Research

Japanese (Arita - style) Ink Painting workshop

Frans Ottink Plaster Workshop

A series of objects that made to be licked which intentionally challenges the form of existing spoons.

Inspired from the ice bergs of Iceland which I have seen during the trip.

Recreate nature using nature

Using the shape of an Icelandic stone to cast a plaster mold.

I replica severals porcelain pieces, with vacuum forming as an experiment to recreate new shapes of landscapes of my subconsciousness.


Glazing Test


Form exploring

Stone replica


 Originally done by Unicorn TV. Spring 2017.