Hotter than your date,

Lighter than your future!


UNICORNDLE is a candle stick Inspirated from the film “Little Poly” which is a joyful childhood memories of a lot of people, the main function of this candle stick  is to burn and keep people relax while laughing at it.



Moreover, it is always pity and sad that when the candle stick is finished, so, as a happy candle, we do not want it to happen, if you finish the first stick of UNICORNDLE, you can always buy another box of CORN CANDLE to replace it, it keeps your UNICORNDLE last longer   :) 
100% Hand-made in Netherlands
100% Vegan
100% Original

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“We don’t sell candle, we sell happiness. ”


Burn a horn to activate the Unicorn blessings!


 Originally done by Unicorn TV. Spring 2017.